Manfred Schawaller started his industrial career at DiaMed in Cressier FR Switzerland developing platelet antigen and antibody tests based on ELISA technology. Subsequently he developed as project leader an innovative biosensor technology based on total internal reflection fluorimetry TIRF, evanescence technology. Team building and coordination of all product components starting from chemistry, biology, hardware and software engineering, pilot production and market development. The evanescence biosensor technology led to the formation of the startup company  Davos Diagnostics where he developed a new in-vitro diagnostic company from the beginning, buiding a company from the very beginning and involved developing a product idea, the company organisation, developing and implementing a quality management system according to ISO and a production process. MS has a broad experience in product development starting right from the beginning of a laboratory test till the marketing of a final product for IVD use. He has extensive experience in the process of obtaining, maintaining and protection of intellectual property.
By training Manfred Schawaller is an organic chemist with a PhD in protein chemistry and cell biology. A post-doctoral training in virology deepened his biology knowhow, he masters protein engineering, eukaryotic protein expression recombinant viruse. During his industrial career he was a member of evaluation groups for new R&D projects and served for fourteen  years in the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation in the life science team (CTI).